Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Zombie Runaway UP

Race of the last zombie on earth!
Throw away your stereotype on slow and scary zombies! Please rescue the world’s fastest and cutest zombie. 
In Zombie Runaway UP, the world’s last zombie is trying to run away from angry people.

Use just right, left and jump button to run like mad! Feel the excitement with simple controls and various booster items. You are invincible with booster item! Have fun destroying the obstacles blocking you way!
■ Game features ■
✔ Exciting race in two different modes!
Arcade mode where you can enjoy infinite race! And Blitz mode where you destroy as many obstacles as possible in a limited time! 
✔ Various enjoyments hidden throughout the game! 
- You become invincible with booster! Destroy obstacles with various boosters!
- You can recover HP by destroying obstacles while invincible! 
- Watch out for spike walls! The zombie will die if hit by the spike wall!
- In blitz mode, you gain more time as you break obstacles!
- When the sky shines gold, you gain as twice as coin!
- Pay attention to the signs on the side of the road! When you see all R.A.I.N.B.O.W letters, something special will happen!
✔ So many equipments!
- Put on equipments with special effects.The race will become even more interesting!



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