Monday, 23 December 2013

Galaxy Y Gaming Arena Free Internet Hack Trick for Airtel users 101% Working.

Guys this is our first and free internet hack trick for airtel users if you want to hack internet on your airtel mobile then follow these instructions below:-

Note:- Only For Android Devices.
Works with 0 Rs Balance.

Step 1:- Before hacking the internet you have to download Opera Mini Handler from Here 

Step 2:- After downloading Opera mini by the given link you have to Create These Settings given below:-

1.Go to Settings / Wireless and Networks / Mobile Networks /Access Point Names / Create a New APN.

2. Use these Settings as shown in the image:-
After filling these settings go below and set APN type as internet.

3. And select the created settings then Open Your Opera Mini Handler enter the following details:-

Step 3:- Save these settings turn on your data connection and then set opera setting to:-

After Making these Settings ENjoy.

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Google Play Store v4.3.11 License Verification Checking Removed

Hello guys presenting this application already available here in a few games recently in asphalt 7 , which has even been copied lol .Well before you ask , yes , you need root . This application skips that part boring check online that some games need both , such as removing restrictions on countries , and we will not need more than lucky pacther at least as regards the removal of license.Application is one of the novelties of the new Android 4.3 Jelly BeanFor the most eager users who prefer not to wait for the official release of the new version of the application , and who wish to manually download and install the Google Play Store 4.3.11 on their devices , simply download from the links below .THIS VERSION IS NOW COMPATIBLE WITH THE NEW FREEDOM.

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Google Play Store v4.4.21 (Android 4.4 Kitkat Play Store) For Galaxy Y

You no longer need to wait for the Nexus 5: After the leak of images and information, it was a matter of time until the new version of Google Play down the network and become available for download. You can download the application to format APK and install it on your Android normally, like other service qualquer.Clique here to download it.
Do not know if this is a previous model and now Google Play finalized, to be presented on October 24. Version 4.4.21 online store weighs 5.84 MB and has a new navigation menu that is hidden and can be "pulled" from the left side of the screen. There is also the app "Newsstand", which is the new newsstand service.
The official update should occur in the coming days, along with the revelation of Android KitKat. I'm using and so far not found any problems with this version!.


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Sunday, 20 October 2013

WhatsApp+ Armv6 Armv7 Apk Fully Modded Must TRY

What is WhatsApp Plus? Basically WhatsApp is a customizable where you can change the colors, sizes and many other visual mods. Additionally, you can increase the upload limit media (available limit of 16Mb) to send large files of music or videos.

You can increase the quality of images sent (by default is greatly diminished)  
You can share music with a single click, 
 you can leave offline,  
show photos of the agenda (in the chat screen),   
you stema of topics and can FULLY customize your Whatsapp , 


1 - Still in the normal version of Whats (to the Play Store), go settings, chat options, save conversations and make a backup of your conversations; 

2 - Uninstall Whatsapp normal, but do not delete the application folders. .. just uninstall it, 
you can not install Whatsapp + without uninstalling the original before ... 3 - Install Whatsapp Plus detection and wait for the backup that you can restore it. Whatsapp Download Mod Tutorial Plus Donation [Root]

1. Download the "date" of the Plus Donation above.

Open Titanium Backup (TB). Go to Options / Preferences. Scroll down , select "Compression ", thenselect bzip2 (slower , better compression) .

3. Extract the contents inside the folder "data" folder to TitaniumBackup you have in your device (if not, create).

4 . Open Titanium Backup, go to Options / Update list of applications.

5. Restore "date" donation Plus. not open key donation plus. Just hide it after restoring data. 

6. Okay, simple.


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Monday, 5 August 2013

GTA III ( RIP Re-Upload) ( Armv6 + Armv7) For Galaxy Y And Mini

How to start the game:
1. Install apk Put data in sd/Android/data
2. Open the game accept the eula
3. Press back key
4. Press home key
5. Drag down notification bar and click gta
6. Wait for 2 m it will start

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